Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

Common household items such as furnaces, generators, and gas heaters can put you and your family at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. Exposure to carbon monoxide is harmful and poisonous to your and your family’s health; in severe cases it may even kill you.

Over 15,000 people are treated in emergency rooms each year for non-fire related carbon monoxide poisoning. Many deaths by carbon monoxide exposure in the home occur every year, often with the victims unaware of the danger. Since carbon monoxide is odourless, tasteless, and invisible, it can be a little difficult to know if or when it has been exposed to your home.

ProAmp Electric Ltd. provides carbon monoxide detector installation services in the lower mainland of BC.

Carbon monoxide can be produced by any type of incomplete combustion that can often occur in the home, such as: tobacco smoke, blocked chimneys, wood-burning stoves, car exhaust fumes, not properly turning off gas appliances, gas water heaters, generators, and many more. If you have any appliances that are not electric or burns natural or liquefied gas, oil, wood, coal, or other fuels, it is highly recommended that you consider putting your home undergo a carbon monoxide detector installation.

Installing a carbon monoxide detector will help detect the exposure of this dangerous gas in your home. When the device detects a substantial amount of carbon monoxide in your home, it will trigger an alarm and alert you of the danger.

The best protection against carbon monoxide poisoning is a carbon monoxide alarm. These devices will alert you before CO levels become dangerous, and it tells you how much carbon monoxide is present in the air.
Your and your family’s health and safety is important to us. Call us today to find out more about carbon monoxide detector installation services!