Generator back up system 


Have you been left in the dark and cold without a generator backup system one too many times? 


This is a scenario that is too common for homeowners like you. 


How can you prepare and make sure you and your family don’t miss a beat on all the plans you had for the evening? Dinner, movie night, big project due tomorrow, whatever the plans may be. The answer is simple; install a generator back up system. 


With a generator back up system installed, you will be ready for any weather Mother Nature brings your way. Whether it’s a storm, power outage or utility failure, you will be able to keep your family safe and comfortable. 


How it works?

• The generator back up system starts automatically without a need to refuel when the power fails or drops below an acceptable level.
• The generator back up system supplies electricity to your home until power is restored
• Once power is restored, the generator back up system automatically transfers your home’s power from generator to utility 
• The back up system shuts down and is ready until next time it is needed
• This all occurs even if nobody is home. Ideal for pumps, computer equipment, security systems, security camera's, security lighting, fish tanks, etc. 


With the frequency of power outages in the Fraser Valley as well as throughout the Lower Mainland, the time to think about installing a generator back up system is now. 


Your local electrical professionals at ProAmp Electric will work with you to determine the best solution and generator back up system for your home and needs. The factors we will consider are the size of your home and the amount of back up power you wish to have during a power outage. 


Generator back up system can be used to back up:

  • Alarm systems
  • Security cameras
  • Garage door openers
  • Sump pumps
  • Furnaces, boilers, and other heating systems
  • Lighting and electrical plugs
  • Electric fences
  • TV/Internet 
  • Stoves
  • Air conditioning 
  • Home offices
  • Fish tanks
  • As well as any other electrical devices in your home


Don’t get left in the dark during the next power outage in the Fraser Valley or throughout the Lower Mainland. Contact the electrical experts at ProAmp electric today at 604-460-6683. We will work with you to help determine the best solution before the next storm or power outage.