ProAmp Electric is proud to introduce Hypower Products and pedestals to British Columbia’s west coast marine adventurers, sportsmen, fishermen, marinas and more. All Hypower products are constructed of corrosion and impact resistant, non conductive, easy to clean, poly carbonate housing and tin plated, corrosion resistant conductors and terminals. All power centers and Energymate products come with the patented “Power Snap Technology”. What that means to you is a saving in time and money by allowing you to easily interchange “Power Snap Panels” as you manage traffic in your marina , or as you upgrade/downgrade to your personnel watercraft; no need to replace the entire pedestal or call a technician.

Why “Hypower” is the right choice for you:
  • Variety of mounting options
  • Ability to house Tel/TV/Internet
  • Comes standard with 20A/120Volt GFCI for dock power and photocell controlled dock light ( lights can also be controlled remotely).

Energymate: Our Most Popular Model

Energymate Power Snap panel 42" aluminum stand w/
dual water & nose hook
Dual 30A/125V
Power Snap panel

A simple and economic solution for marine of RV power hook-up, with a capacity of *120amps 120/240 volts* and unlimited “Power Snap” panel variations to suite any need.

Energymate Only (as shown):
(Dual 30A/240V shore power)

Basic Energymate-with 42” stand
(30A/125V shore power)

Add water (x1): $40.00
Add water (x2 as shown): $80.00
(Max 2 per unit)

Mounting Options for Energymate

42" stand (pictured):

No water: $190.00
Water (x1): $230.00
Water (x2): $270.00
(see "Extras" for more info)


Powerport: Ultimate Power Distribution

Stands above all other pedestals on the market with four built-in sides for flexibility and convenience. With our patented `Power Snap Panel’ variations and a 400Amp/ 120/240Volt capacity, it is sure to keep you a step ahead of your power requirements. Comes complete with 20A/120V GFCI receptacle for dock power, and photo cell controlled dock light. ( lights can be controlled remotely )

*Metering options available.

Double sided PowerPort
(with dual water and dual hose bracket)

Single sided basic config: $690.00
Double sided basic config: $950.00
Add *TV/Tel/internet: $20.00
Add water (x1): $40.00
Add water (x2): $80.00

Standard "Power Snap Panels"

Pictured: Power snap panel with 50A/240v twist lock receptacle.
20A/125v GFCI receptacle is standard with each panel.

30/30 120 volt: $113.48
30/20 120 volt: $128.22
50/20 120/240 volt: $157.44
50/ 30120/240 volt: $133.08
50/50 120/240 volt: $166.20
50/20/30 120/240 volt: $159.30
50/20/50 120/240 volt: $212.28
Many more Power Snap panel variations available


Single-sided: $42.00
Double-sided: $63.00

Single-sided: $21.00
Double-sided: $32.00

Extras: Completing your marine project

Hypower also offers a variety of additional products such as dock lighting and emergency pedestals, as well as our marine Hydro Locker. All products are constructed of the same non-conductive, non corrosive, easy to clean, polycarbonate housing and are available in different cap visor colors and decal schemes.


11.5 cubic feet of clean dry storage space. Vandal resistant hinges with internal fittings provide extra security. The `Hydro-locker` has a recessed area for a water spout and hose bracket on the back and a mounting area up front (pictured above right) for an Energymate`.


Fire Station

Includes photocell control and a variety of cap top colors and visors.

New product, price pending.

Light Station

Includes photocell control and a variety of cap top colors and visors.

New product, price pending.