Telephone Wiring Installation and Repair

Why You Shouldn't Attempt to Repair Your Own Telephone Wiring

Telephone Wiring Installation and RepairLately there seems to be a trend toward “do it yourself” culture. While being self-sufficient is an admirable trait, it can be dangerous when concerning electrical wiring. If a person is an experienced handyman who has an affinity for electrical wiring, attempting wiring installation could be a worthwhile venture.  Telephone wiring installation can be complicated and even more difficult to repair. Different situations call for specialized techniques to be applied, and often a would-be handyman can cause more damage than good.

Home damage is a serious concern for someone who is thinking about installing or repairing their own wiring.  Often telephone wiring runs under the floor or behind the drywall of one’s house. If an individual attempts to do surgical wiring in this way, they can damage their property and hurt their property value.

Lack of expertise is a great reason to opt out of doing your own telephone wiring. We often get clients in construction and trades industries who don’t want to set up their own telephone wiring due to the high margin of error associated with amateur electrical installation.

If an individual is a tenant in a building, it is often I violation of the residency agreement to make the changes to the house necessary to install wiring. If you do not own your property, check with the owner about professional installation.

If you are truly certain you wish to install your own wiring, please bear the above warnings in mind, as we sincerely hope your installation, with or without our help, goes without an accident. Telephone wiring is safer than other electrical circuitry, and works with low voltages, but please be careful.

If you are looking for help with your wiring installation, give us a call and we will make sure to set you up to your satisfaction.