ProAmp Electric provides transformers installation services.
A transformer is a static machine that transforms power from one circuit to another without changing frequency. These devices are generally used for transferring energy between circuits.
Transformers are an essential part of the national power grid and are responsible for transmitting large amounts of high voltage power over long distances. They come in various sizes depending on its intended function and the amount of power needed. These devices can be the size of a coin or weigh several hundred tons.
Types of transformers we install/service:

Power Transformers
Used primarily to couple electrical energy from a power supply line to a circuit system, or to one or more components of the system.

Autotransformers are initially cheaper than two-winding transformers. They also have better regulation and better efficiency.

Polyphase Transformers
Commonly associated with three phase electric power, which is a common method of transmitting large amounts of high voltage power.

Isolation Transformers
This type of transformer does not step voltage up or down; it serves as a safety device. It is used to isolate the grounded conductor of a power line from a circuit load.

Distribution Transformers
Generally used in electrical power distribution and transmission systems. This type of transformer has the highest power and the highest continuous voltage rating. They are primarily used to supply relatively small amounts of power to residences and are often found at the end of the electrical utility’s delivery system.

Power Transformers
Power transformers are used in electronic circuits and they come in many different types and applications. They are sometimes considered to be those with ratings of 300 volt-amperes and below. These transformers usually provide power to the power supply of an electronic device, such as amplifiers.
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